PcVue at the heart of a system of photovoltaic shades

In 2022, TSE inaugurated its first agrovoltaics pilot site in 3 hectares located in Amance, France. A photovoltaic shading system with a capacity of 2.4 MWp, equivalent to the power consumption of a community of 1,350 inhabitants, it is installed on large-scale crops of soya, wheat, forage rye, winter barley and canola.

After carrying out a market study, the Data & Optimization Division of TSE selected the PcVue platform to implement the SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition).

The supervision system manages a database of 25,000 data points. An optimized display enables alarms to be quickly understood by operators, supporting rapid problem resolution. The architecture features a central controller with PcVue acting as the data acquisition server. This system provides the link with all the solar transformation equipment as well as with several NCUs (Network Control Units) for the control and tracking of each of the 612 solar tables that make up the canopy structure.

Mimico supervisione impianto fotovoltaico
Keys to success

Complete control over the platform

Ease of development

Quality of service from the technical support team

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