PcVue SCADA features

Smart Generator reduces your development time

TwinCAT – Beckhoff & BACnet Smart Generators
A step further to the ease of development

The Smart Generators will enable you to generate an application automatically from external sources.

  • Reduce development time importing the TwinCAT project to generate a simple PcVue configuration
  • BACnet™ objects generated from EDE files (promoted by BIG-EU) and from IEIEJ/P-0003-2000 (Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan)

 SG twincat SG bacnet


Siemens® Step7® Smart Generator: sg_step7
Opening up…

In PcVue, you’ll find that you can import your Step7® project’s configuration. In this way, you can automate the setting up of variables and ISO IP S7 communication objects in your PcVue application. You can also automatically re-synchronize the PcVue configuration and your Step7 project throughout the stages of development and maintenance.

WAGO-DALI Smart Generator:
Increase your energy efficiency

sg_wago1Nowadays directives about the energy performance of buildings and the Intelligent Energy – Europe program cannot be ignored.




The CEN/TC 247 initiative identifies the features of automation, climatic regulation and equipment for the energy performance of buildings.
So PcVue enables you to automatically generate an entire working application to monitor, control and maintain your lighting system using the DALI® network and WAGO® controllers.
You can monitor and supervise the states of ballasts, groups and scenes, manage the controllers via FTP (save and reload configuration), manage replacement and maintenance of ballasts, reconfigure scenes etc.

FactoryLink® Smart Generator:
Migration to PcVue was never so easy !

As well as converting all of the graphical elements (mimics, symbols and templates) and the database, the latest version of the FactoryLink Smart Generator now also converts the TCP/IP communication objects and their links.
Migration to PcVue was never so straightforward!

LNS® Smart Generator:
Leveraging LON

sg_lnsWith LonWorks® existing for many years there are countless applications benefiting from the technology. PcVue has been enhanced to help you take advantage of this with a new LNS Smart Generator. The LNS Smart Generator not only lets you manage the database automatically but also enables you to export variable selections to device templates. It is also possible to import them to other projects so as to minimize the task of integration re-using the LNS Smart Generator from one project to the next. In addition, PcVue makes use of the LNS TE server’s features for detecting loss of nodes. This greatly improves the system’s responsiveness when major disconnections occur or there are problems with the electrical power supply of a network – especially if a LonWorks® router goes down.

CAD Smart Generator:
Native import of CAD file

sg_cadPcVue Smart Generator can import CAD (.DWG & .DXF) files to automate the generation of mimics. Mimics generated by this process have a background image in a bitmap, .JPEG or .WMF format, together with animated symbols and variables corresponding to AutoCAD® block references.