R&D and Technologies partners

ARC Group has based its developments on adherence to the accepted industry standards that facilitate the interoperability of its products with third-party applications.
We also take part in various European R&D projects alongside major users, equipment suppliers and research centers or universities.
ARC Group, through its parent company and branches, is:

  • Microsoft Certified Partner, ensuring its associates’ level of expertise and compliance to Microsoft technologies
  • Member of the OPC Foundation since 1998, with the result of certifying its OPC clients and servers via the workshop sessions organized by the OPC Foundation
  • Associate member of LonMark International to mark its commitment to provide open solutions for buildings
  • Member of the BACnet International Group, the BACnet Interest Group Europe and the BACnet Interest Group China
  • Member of the Smart Building Alliance for Smart Cities
  • Member of DNP3 Users group
  • Project partner of the international project ITEA- FUSE-IT.  ITEA stimulates projects in an open community of large industry, SMEs, universities, research institutes and user organizations. Fuse-IT project will address the need for sustainable, reliable, userfriendly, efficient, safe and secure Building Management System (BMS) in the context of smart critical sites
  • ARC Informatique was involved in ANSSI working group on cybersecurity. The National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) is the authority that provides expertise and technical assistance to governments and businesses for information systems security and defense
  • Member of SYSTEMATIC Cluster Paris. The Systematic Cluster boasts a unique concentration of technology players in Europe and an outstanding international reputation focused on booming markets. It is already a breeding ground for breakthroughs.
  • Member of INGOPCS project which target is to develop an open and cybersecure version of the OPC-UA protocol, that will be able to be EAL-4 certified
  • Member of Think Smartgrids. Think Smartgrids aims to develop the Smart grids sector in France and to promote French solutions in Europe and around the world



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