HTML5 web client

Graphical interface for remote monitoring and control accessible via web browser or desktop.

WebVue uses a regular web browser and an internet or intranet connection to provide remote access and control of any facility. The operator is able to access the PcVue SCADA application from anywhere on the network. WebVue is operating system independent, runs in a web browser and displays PcVue screens directly without requiring any adaptation.

webvue laptop

What does it do?

WebVue is an integrated HTML5 web client that provides a graphical interface to monitor and control the process from any device.

How does it work?

WebVue is based on exclusive EasyMobile technology that ensures quick, easy and secure setup and deployment.

  • No gateway, no additional plugins HTML5
  • No client installation
  • A deployment console for easy setup, no scripts
  • Open to third party applications
  • Secure and scalable architecture and communication
  • Easy diagnostics

5 simple steps to set it up...

  1. Set up your mobile server
  2. Pair with your PcVue server
  3. Secure your connection with an HTTPS certificate
  4. Installation
  5. Open WebVue from your web browser

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