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E-mobility Management System

To answer the needs of performance, maintenance and optimization for EV charging station owners, PcVue delivers EV charge services thanks to an efficient system that enhances team efficiency and keeps assets operational.


Known by more than 500 certified installers worldwide, our SCADA platform offers a fully featured and customizable solution for EV charging stations. PcVue can help you manage any EV charging point by allowing its control in real-time, handling from 1 to hundreds of units thanks to a fully customizable and user-friendly interface. Our platform offers thorough power optimization and maintenance control to ensure optimal ROI and customer satisfaction.

ev operations

Efficient management

Optimize your operations

PcVue allows you to monitor and control every parameters in your station, optimizing power load balancing and triggering alerts at any time from anywhere, if needed.

fire detection

Fire prevention

Protect your assets

PcVue ensures the reliability and security of your assets via a thorough battery temperature control, preventing battery fires and alerting maintenance teams in case of overheating.

ev drivers

Stress-free charging

Simplifies charging for electric vehicle drivers

PcVue also comes with a mobile companion app offering key functionalities such as parking spot allocation and waiting time estimation to offer a stress-free charging experience to drivers.


Easy OCPP connection

With native OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) support, our solution is compatible with any services providers, offering the flexibility required to operate charging systems on a large scale.

PcVue for electric vehicle charging systems

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  • Remote control of electric vehicle charging stations

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