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Geo-contextual information, widgets, notifications and chatbots

SnapVue is an iOS/Android App, fully configurable with no-code, that allows control and display of information depending on the user’s role and location. Using GPS coordinates or Indoor Positioning System (IPS) geotags detected nearby, SnapVue app provides a dynamic HMI that changes as the worker moves through work zones, automatically adjusting based on the user’s responsibilities. The system is aware of a worker’s location and automatically sends the status and controls of equipment in that worker’s vicinity.

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What happens on the mobile device?

  • Monitor and control of nearby devices
  • Real-time information coming from the SCADA/PLC
  • Access to resources (documents, web pages...)
  • Contextual animated view
  • Alarm and event notifications

What happens on the server?

  • Real-time information
  • Geolocation of mobile devices
  • Action and location log
  • Real-time tracking
  • Access to chat module to communicate with Mobile workers

How do instant messages work?

  • Texts, voices, images, videos
  • Between mobile users and/or with a server
  • No need of internet connection, better cybersecurity
  • Message/pictures can be stored for post mortem analysis
  • Automatic messages can be triggered thanks to our bot system.

Location-based Mobile app:

without writing a line of code!

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