Real time data, trends, commands, notification

Mobile notification and control application for immediate action

TouchVue is an iOS/Android App that notifies the mobile user of any process event and provides an interface to react. It is based on the latest technologies that offer a cost-effective solution that combines ergonomics, safety and ease of implementation.

TouchVue mobile app

Why is it described as ready-to-use?

TouchVue incorporates the graphical interface and all features without the need for programming. Simply connect to a PcVue server and you will receive notifications, values and controls.

How does it work?

TouchVue is based on exclusive EasyMobile technology that ensures quick, easy and secure setup and deployment.

  • No gateway, no additional plugins, HTML5
  • No client installation
  • A deployment console for easy setup, no scripts, just a wizard
  • Open to third party applications
  • Secure and scalable architecture and communication
  • Easy diagnostics

How is security managed?

TouchVue connects to a PcVue Web Server workstation that uses Microsoft IIS and OAuth technologies to manage security together with the company firewall.

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