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The IoT world is evolving rapidly with new communication networks such as LPWAN (Low Power WAN like LoRa™) allowing us to rethink the way SCADA installations are implemented.

PcVue IoT Solutions is a complete solution that leverages technologies such as IPS and LPWAN to enable secure contextual supervision of IoT LPWAN devices. The user is able to automatically get relevant information from different types of equipment (IoT or wired) to their SCADA or mobile device based on their location.

Depending on the profile, the user can be precisely informed of the events related to him and the actions he can take directly from his device and analyze the situation more quickly by acting immediately.

Hybrid architecture can be created with PLC and IoT devices, all controlled by PcVue software in a simple way.

  • Easier and faster monitoring with IoT devices
  • Greater safety thanks to location tracking of mobile workers
  • Automated control actions, based on user preferences
  • Reduced risk of error for maintenance operations

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