Mobile app

An intuitive suite for smart maintenance and control of your assets

PcVue  Mobile app allows you to control your installations, receive notifications for immediate actions and navigate through a complete and intuitive graphical interface on mobile devices

PcVue Remote Solutions

PcVue Mobile app

Manage your data in an interactive platform wherever you are

PcVue Mobile app automatically displays relevant information about your plant to workers on the move. Thanks to the integrated localization system and based on the user's role within the organization, the platform recognizes which control actions to monitor and report.

  • View and control the status of devices near you in real time
  • Communicate and exchange information safely with the control center experts (reports, audio files, images, videos)
  • Access the datasheet and technical documentation of the asset near you
  • Adjust parameters during the testing phase and view the results on site
  • Optimize team management through follow-up for better organization during maintenance
  • Improve the security of your assets by monitoring their location in risky situations
  • Solutions for any mobile or remote worker with task assignment
  • Open to third-party applications
  • A dedicated mobility server with Contextual Logic Engine
  • Contextual mobile SCADA with proximity and location-based services
  • Mobile interface with notification-based services
  • Scalable and secure architectures and communications with DMZ, HTTPS
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • Low-Code to create your dedicated Mobile Apps

PcVue Mobile app – Product suite


Geolocation app

Georeferenced information, widgets, notifications and chatbots


Get data from indoor/outdoor geolocation and communicate with your team


Notification app

Real-time data, trends, commands, notification


Receive notifications directly on your phone

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