Open, secure and mobile SCADA/IoT platform

The flexible SCADA solution for the supervision of industrial processes, services and infrastructures

PcVue leverages the latest technologies and offers optimized control over your processes. Thanks to its features it is possible to configure a reliable and easy-to-use SCADA system with limited development costs. 

With its intuitive and unique interface, PcVue offers a secure, powerful and easily manageable system.


pcvue control room

Why is PcVue worth a look?

  • Over 40 years of experience in the SCADA business
  • Global advanced support
  • OEM solutions and branding
  • Flexible and competitive prices
  • Ongoing technical innovations to keep you one step ahead in your SCADA projects

What are the benefits?

  • Many built-in features that meet different market needs
  • A powerful graphical interface that facilitates the operator's work and reduces user training time
  • Reduce development costs with object-based approach and modeling tools
  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to high level compatibility from one version to the next
  • Flexible and scalable platform that adapts to system changes
  • Open platform for integrating future components: software and hardware
  • A modular offer for all types of processes, offering great reusability without further investments
  • Multilingual products that allow you to deploy the same application internationally

What does the product feature?

PcVue is a comprehensive product representing the latest advances in SCADA software from stand-alone to multi-station monitoring and control. PcVue is designed using recommendations from integrators, OEMs and end users. PcVue offers an ergonomic platform and modern tools based on object-oriented technology to minimize application development times, it also includes the latest tools of Microsoft user interface standards and the security features of Windows® platforms. PcVue meets industry standards for reliability and performance. It spans both single-user application requirements and those for complex client-server applications with redundancy.

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