DimoMaint - CMMS solution


At PcVue we now offer Maintenance Management System consultancy and professional site implementation with the help of our product partners DimoMaint™. We have relevant hands on experience in many industrial markets and thanks to our SCADA automation expertise we bring you the winning combination of Maintenance and Automation systems.
Thanks to a performant Maintenance Management System (MMS) you can leverage maximum benefit from your staff resources, production means, assets and stock, thus ultimately leading to better profits and smoother operations.
DimoMaint™ range of software solution will deliver just what is necessary to achieve this target. It is a scalable offer to match seemlessly the maintenance level you wish to implement.

DimoMaint™ solutions caters for virtually all industries where maintenance is required with some specific vertical markets offerings.


Here are 8 good reasons why you need DimoMaint’s software in your business :


1 - Improve your management and reduce your costs (labor, spare parts, etc.)

2 – Improving the satisfaction of your internal and external customers (your internal staff or maintained customers, …)

3 – Optimize your purchases (stock of spare parts, subcontracting)

4 – Improve the reliability and availability of your equipment and extend their lifetime

5 – Monitor the activity of your subcontractors and external service providers

6 – Ensure the traceability of equipment to comply with the regulatory constraints

7 – Improve the feedback

8 – Assist in the decision-making through the provision of indicators for managing the activity