CONFERENCE: Digitalization and sustainability with PcVue platform

Date: April 2, 2024

Location: Holiday Inn Yerevan – Republic Square, “Tarson’’ hall

The French company ARC Informatique is a forward-thinking software editor with 16 offices worldwide in business for over 40 years. Not long ago, the company opened its local office in Armenia – PCVUE CIS.

Our international team is going to share our knowledge and experience in the field, and we will talk about the implementation of innovation technologies using examples of real projects for: building management systems (BMS), power, smart city, wine production, water treatment, any kind of industry etc. 

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You will find it useful and interesting:

  • If you want to stay up to date with modern enterprise automation technologies.
  • If you’re going to launch or optimize your enterprise(s)
  • If you want your business to operate efficiently: optimizing of costs etc.

Participation in the conference is free with prior registration. Registration form .

Languages of the event: Armenian and English.


14:00Registration and Welcome Coffee
14:30Official opening: Digitalization and sustainability for industrial atomation in 2024Marina KUDRYAVTCEVA
Director, PCVUE CIS
14:45PcVue Digital Platform: capabilities and features
• Display and control of any systems and equipment
• IoT
• Dashboards and reports
• Effective management
Director, PCVUE CIS
15:15PcVue and Smart City Focus in Nice
Hotels, Schools, Stadiums, Power, Transport, EV Charging etc.
François FLECHE
Corporate Marketing Manager, ARC Informatique
15:40Remote control of wind and solar energy systems in Spain
Up to 2.4 million parameters are supervised remotely.
Project Manager of Development Department, ARC Informatique
16:00Cooperation with universities: experience in Almaty Energy University (Kazakhstan) and plans in ArmeniaMarina KUDRYAVTCEVA
Director, PCVUE CIS
16:15Coffee – Break
Demonstration PcVue Platform and HoloLens: mixed reality and dashboarding
16:40Digital Assistance: mobile solutions for remote superviseFrançois FLECHE
Corporate Marketing Manager, ARC Informatique
17:10Supervision of the SIDOMPE selective collection sorting center in France: SCADA PcVue and mobile applicationsNicolas DEMIRDJIAN
Project Manager of Development Department, ARC Informatique
17:30Short Overview and Discussion of the Different implementations:
• Paravani Hydra Power Plant – Georgia
• Navoi Solar Power Plant – Uzbekistan
• Wine Production – France
• Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport – France
• Grenoble Alpes University Hospital – France
• Industrial Aqueduct of Lake Como – Italy
• EV Charging – Germany

François FLECHE

18:00Closing the Conference
18:10Cocktail time

We are waiting for you at the conference!