PcVue SCADA features


Key Features

  • Configure and control time based actions
  • Web configurator interface
  • Support of PcVue schedules and BACnet calendar objects


  • Plan process-cycles, recipes and program routines
  • Access to your schedule from anywhere
  • Configuration made easy thanks to the operator oriented interface

The scheduler engine included in PcVue allows you to automatically send commands and recipes, and to execute programs on schedule. One or more fully configurable tasks may be assigned to a certain time on a certain day while exception periods for special days and other calendar events can be taken into account. Tasks may also appear in a recurrent scheme. Depending on the user-rights the parameters of a task could be modified during runtime.

Webscheduler - Direct access and control of your schedule from anywhere!

The Webscheduler is a tool delivered with PcVue that allows visualizing, and controlling all the tasks and events scheduled and stored in the system from any device that is able to run a web-browser.
It gives the possibility to plan process-cycles, recipes and program routines over the Inter/Intranet and it allows you to integrate completely new, even more dynamic scheduling scenarios.
It’s also a HMI for BACnet calendar objects.

The WebScheduler can also be included in any PcVue mimic by using a web browser ActiveX®.

The Webscheduler is designed not only for maintenance team but also for any users with a handy interface.