Community Manager for ARC Informatique and international subsidiaries. After an experience in New York graduating in English and marketing, she joined the company in 2013 within the technical support. Based in our French headquarters in Sèvres, she is now part of the Marketing & Communication team and in charge of the social media animation.

PMS S4E7 : The New Normal for Front-Line Workers

Previously on our series “Remote Connected Front-Line Workers” : The pandemic has broken down the barriers when it comes to operations and maintenance, historically operated in separate silos … As rem...
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PMS S4E6 : Holistic Operations and Maintenance

Previously on our series “Remote Connected Front-Line Workers” : There is great value in maintaining the history of your conversations and exchanges with the O&M records … As mentioned earlier, pr...
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PMS S4E5 : Electronic Operations and Maintenance Logs

Previously on our series “Remote Connected Front-Line Workers” : As businesses migrate to greater and greater percentage of remote connected workers, there is a challenge to keep track of where everyo...
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PMS S4E4: Smart Resource Management

Previously on our series “Remote Connected Front-Line Workers” : Working remotely during the pandemic often requires being resourceful.  Front-line workers maintaining essential equipment can be overw...
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PMS S4E3: Empowering the Workers

Previously on our series “Remote Connected Front-Line Workers” : Front-line workers need to be remotely connected to the full resources of the enterprise… Many of the work processes that were adopted ...
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PMS S4E2 : Managing Complexity

Previously on our PcVue Master Series on “Remote Connected Front-Line Workers” : How the pandemic has changed work conditions, especially for O&M workers and how can they be assisted… People of a ...
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PMS S4E1 : O&M Workers in the Post Pandemic Workplace

When pandemics spread across the world, long term changes to society often result.  In past pandemics they have happened on a society level, such as changes to the global balance of power. They have a...
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The importance of operation and maintenance is very well explained in this write-up. In fact, energy efficiency itself starts with... Read More
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Monitoring the charging stations of the e-bus fleet of the city of Jena

The charging infrastructure always in view How Jena's public transport system monitors its charging columns for the e-bus fleet and uses advanced diagnostic features to increase availability and optim...
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