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PcVue demonstrates how Contextual Mobility is Replacing Stationary HMI at GlobalCon 2018


PcVue Inc, the North American affiliate of ARC Informatique and HMI/SCADA software automation solution provider, is proud to announce that it will be demonstrating its newly patented Contextual Mobility HMI solution at GlobalCon 2018 in Boston, March 21-22, 2018.  Stationary Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays are being replaced by Contextual Mobility HMI across the world.  Today’s operators and maintenance staff want information at their fingertips and they increasingly look to their mobile device to provide it.  

Contextual Mobility for HMI provides a simple and elegant solution.  It does not require navigating a screen designed for a workstation, as is the case when using browser-based HMI.  The displays and controls on the mobile device are provided in the context of the worker’s location and role.  Using standard mobile device capabilities such as GPS and Bluetooth, the location of the worker can be determined whether indoors or outdoors.

Based on physical location and job role, the Contextual Mobility Server pushes the appropriate HMI and supporting documents to the worker’s mobile device.  For security and safety reasons, the HMI is automatically removed from the device when the worker moves away from the equipment.

Come and visit PcVue Solutions’ booth #725 at GlobalCon Conference to learn more on this patented Mobility solution and get a live demonstration.



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