PMS 3 - Episode 3: The benefits of modeling

Modeling in a supervision project answers to needs in each phases of a project


"Models designed with the user, for the user."

As early as the design phase, the system must take into account the needs and constraints of a site by defining required models or models derived from standards. This allows not only to have a supervision project in accordance with usages but also to leave the control of the system to the users.

This requires a preliminary study, which is not negligible, will allow a significant time saving, and will be a guarantee of uniformity.


"Faster and more reliable development" 

Development from standards-based models improves productivity by reducing development time and the risk of errors. It also facilitates the development of the same project by different stakeholders. Finally, templates can be used to create new similar projects without having to redevelop everything from scratch.


During the operational phase, operators' interventions must be facilitated, particularly in the case where several similar sites are operated. Standardized and homogeneous operation improves operational efficiency and reduces training efforts and costs.


Application maintenance

Modeling should facilitate the evolution of a project when adding new elements or modifying existing elements in the system.

The reuse of existing models that can be adapted allows a project to evolve in continuity. 

Ideally, operators should be able to autonomously make application modifications from existing models that they modify or adapt to apply changes in the project.

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