PMS S4E3: Empowering the Workers


Previously on our seriesRemote Connected Front-Line Workers” : Front-line workers need to be remotely connected to the full resources of the enterprise…

Many of the work processes that were adopted for front-line workers are expected to continue to expand to create fully connected remote front-line workers

For example, Heather is the 2nd shift operator of a renewable energy hydro power plant.  From the control room she observes that the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is indicating that something unusual is happening to the inlet flow at turbine number three. 

She can see that her on-site maintenance support, Kurt, is nearby but, he is new and not familiar with the history of this plant.  Joel, who is the maintenance lead, has the knowledge and experience but, he’s currently working at another plant several hours away.

Joel, Heather and Kurt discuss the situation using a secure and private message built into their connected remote worker technology. Kurt sends Joel photos of the control valve suspected of being the root cause using the same secure and private messaging system.  He focuses on apparent physical damage to the tubing delivering the air supply to the control diaphragm.  

Kurt then takes the video as Heather operates the valve, capturing the fact that the valve is not moving smoothly, but is sticking and then over adjusting.

Kurt creates a work order detailing his plan to replace the tubing.  Joel reviews and approves the order, but it is on hold until Heather remotely acknowledges that the valve is now safe to take off line. It is example of making Kurt a remote connected worker, with access to all the resources needed to perform his maintenance procedures.


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Working remotely during the pandemic often requires being resourceful.  Front-line workers maintaining essential equipment can be overwhelmed with the tasks to be done due to limited resources for support.  Early adopters of remote connected worker technology supporting their front-line staff, have a big advantage during the pandemic and will continue to have an edge in the post pandemic world

For example, hospitals must be maintained in top condition. Mike was fortunate to work at a hospital with state-of-the-art support for maintenance.  The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is integrated with the Building Management System (BMS). When a noteworthy event occurs on a critical asset, such as the chillers used in the air conditioning system, it is identified by the BMS. It also appears as a notification on Mike’s phone.

When Mike approaches the chiller, a link appears on his mobile device.  In this case he is using his phone but, the scenario is the same with a connected tablet.  With one click he has a live view of the current status and a link to access the chillers embedded web page.  In similar fashion, links automatically appear that take him to the current documentation for the chiller and the full air conditioning system. 

Although working remotely and physically alone, he’s able to get Ann to consult on the problem.  Ann is in the central engineering department and is the staff specialist for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).  As the SME, Ann is able to help Mike understand his options.  Mike’s system captures the exchange, making it easy for Mike to complete his report and provide it to the CMMS so he can move on to completing the task.  Mike is able to work fast and efficiently, while socially isolated.

Coming next….

Don’t miss episode 4 on Smart Resources Management,  we will explore further examples of the evolution of remote connected front-line workers in real world scenarios and lean on the importance of full connection and interactivity between teams.


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