Video surveillance: with ONVIF, add a security layer to your monitoring system !


ONVIF, a universal language for security products

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is an organization set up in 2018 by 3 major players in the security market: Axis, Bosch and Sony.

It aims to develop a global standard for the interoperability of IP-based security devices such as cameras, badge readers, and access control. It allows IP-based products, especially in CCTV* industry, to speak the “same language”.

ONVIF is available under several profiles, each profile has a fixed set of features that must be supported by a conformant device and client.

A wide range of profiles are provided with standard components like video streaming to more advanced ones such as heat mapping. The standard is ever-evolving, with new profiles featuring more analytics, IoT and AI are about to be released.

In a nutshell, as long as devices and clients support the same profile, they can communicate seamlessly with each other. This eliminates the need to configure proprietary commands or addresses. 

PcVue as a ONVIF client for your security devices

This protocol is beneficial for all stakeholders involved in the use of security devices. Indeed, vendors can sell their products without fear of incompatibility between different installations. As for users, it permits greater flexibility in their choice of products since most of the new security devices speak ONVIF.

That is why, in line with its commitment to provide its users with interoperability and open systems, PcVue integrates this technology into its solutions.  In fact, PcVue is a contributor to the standard as a member of the Open Network Video Interface Forum.

PcVue has proven for years its openness and ability to integrate with the most complex systems. Enabling the deployment of a multi-business solution to provide a single interface to access all sub-systems, to aggregate data to facilitate monitoring, control, traceability and optimization of installations is the benefit of open integration.

In a video surveillance system, networking several devices implies a costly configuration of each device. With ONVIF, PcVue delivers a complete supervision to better manage the security of your installations and dispelling doubts.

Beyond the recovery of video stream (mobile and controllable cameras - PTZ), the supervision allows you to pre-set a camera position by default, set different positions, on alarms if wanted, to manage resolutions for each camera and to control it.

You operate in risky environments? In a BMS, you can now create alarms linked to a camera and display it in PcVue, in order to have a live view of the area concerned and to be able to take decisions quickly according to what is happening.

The possibilities to monitor your assets remotely and safely are now multiplied, plus the integration inside your PcVue mimics is fast and easy.

If you want to learn more on the various ONVIF profiles and their capabilities, click here


*Closed Circuit Television

*Pan Tilt Zoom


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