Caméras IP

Flexible System Integration

ov3Industry-wide ONVIF Compatibility

ONVIF is your key for broad system interoperability among IP-based physical security products. The ONVIF specification is a global standard developed by an open industry forum. Moxa is ONVIF user member, and most VPort IP video products support ONVIF specifications for simpler and faster integration with ONVIF-compatible third-party software.

User-friendly VPort SDK PLUS for 3-party Software Developer
VPort SDK PLUS is a user-friendly SDK (software development kit) used to add the VPorts video streams to any type of third-party software, such as NVR, VMS and SCADA. For wide compatibility, the SDK supports three major technologies:

• CGI commands:
These URL commands are used in HTML and web systems, which are very popular platforms for video surveillance software.

• ActiveX Control SDK:
ActiveX Control is an OCX component that is used widely in platforms that support WIN32, IE Plug-in, and Visual Basic, and is also popular in automation system software, such as SCADA systems. Moxa ActiveX Control SDK PLUS is a user-friendly, customized tool for programmers that supports versatile parameters for customized viewing, recording, PTZ camera control, event triggering, and recorded video playback.

API SDK, which includes a detailed C library, can be used to program customized solutions in a Visual C++ or C# environ­ment. API SDK includes a total of 4 DLL modules, and currently supports the WIN32, Linux, and WIN CE pocket 2003 platforms.


Coding Free Integration for SCADA Surveillance

SCADA software is common in automation systems. Moxa VPorts have four flexible options for integration in SCADA software:


• Modbus/TCP:
The VPort IP video products support the Modbus/ TCP protocol, so SCADA software can directly communicate with the VPort for status and configuration changes.

• Video Gadget:
This code-free development tool simplifies the addition of ActiveX control SDK programming in SCADA software. The gadget is specifically designed to embed video display and recording functions in SCADA software, and eliminates much of the coding necessary to add IP video to a SCADA system.

• OPC communication:
Most of SCADA software supports the OPC communication platform. Moxa SoftNVR-IA IP surveillance software includes a built-in OPC server that directly communicates with SCADA software for event-triggered video display, recording, and video status.

• ONVIF compatibility:
Most VPort IP video products support ONVIF specifications for simpler and faster integration with ONVIF-compatible third-party software.

ov3-06Third Party Platform Integration

With ONVIF compatibility, Moxa's IP cameras offer great system flexibility and provide seamless integration with major surveillance platforms, such as Milestones, Genetec, and Avigilon. In virtually any application, users can quickly add Moxa's extreme weather IP cameras as an addition to existing surveillance systems.