Caméras IP

Superior HD Image Quality

Moxa’s IP cameras provide best-in-class image quality with advanced image enhancement functions. With 720P HD resolution, Moxa’s IP camera use 3D DNR/ DNR(digital noise reduction), WDR (wide dynamic range) and BLC (back light compensation) technology to reduce noise and motion blur, overcome poor lighting conditions, and display images in a wide dynamic range of dark to light. The optional de-mist function also ensures clear image quality in rainy, snowy, or hazy environments.

Day/Night Visibilityov2
Moxa’s IP camera (VPort 36-1MP and VPort 26 series) accepts various C/CS-mount lenses to provide flexible viewing angles and distance requirements. Available as a default feature, the cameras are equipped with a 3.1mm - 8mm auto-iris lens and a removable IR cut filter to deliver true day and night visibility.

High Performance WDR for Backlit Environmentsov2-02

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) displays more vibrant colors when a single image includes both very bright and very dark regions. Most VPort IP cameras have WDR built-in, and this function is even fine-tuned to excel in different specific environments.

Camera Tampering and IVA Alarms for Smart Surveillance

Accommodating Intelligent Video Analysis functions and advanced image analysis algorithms, Moxa's rugged IP cameras offer quick detection over a wide variety of threats and allows user-defined motion detection of unauthorized camera tampering, virtual fence, object counting, alert zone, missing object, and unattended object. Combined with a 24MB pre-alarm buffer and prompt alert functions, the rugged IP camera series enable surveillance staff to quickly retrieve and review details of any abnormal events from the inserted SD/SDHC Card.

ov2-07 ov2-04 ov2-05
Move object:
Moving object tracking & recognition
Virtual Fence:
A virtual “tripwire” in the camera frame will trigger an alarm whenever motion across the line is detected.
Alert Zone:
Any motion detected inside the detection zone will trigger an alarm.
ov2-06 ov2-08 ov2-09
Camera Tamper:
Triggered when the camera lens is blocked, redirected, defocused or painted.
Removed object:
The camera detects whenever an object is removed from the frame and will trigger an alarm after a certain user-defined time threshold.
Unattended objects:
Tracks moving objects in the camera frame and detects abnormal loitering.