Jena e-Bus – GERMANY

Jena e-Bus – GERMANY

Monitoring the charging stations of the e-bus fleet of the city of Jena

How Jena’s public transport system monitors its charging columns for the e-bus fleet and uses advanced diagnostic features to increase availability and optimize maintenance activities.

The attractiveness of public transport is essentially promoted and maintained by smooth and punctual operation. In this context, operations of tramways in particular require a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, which is the responsibility of the power supply department at Jenaer Nahverkehr, operator of the city’s public transport. Nevertheless, malfunctions of the system technology can occur in rare cases. In order to minimize the effects of malfunctions on the operational process as well as on the passengers, it is necessary to keep downtimes as low as possible. This is supported by a reliable control and telecontrol system implemented on the basis of the PcVue SCADA software.



OCPP- Driver for communication with charging stations

Integrated operating functionality

Data analysis and monitoring

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