Renovation or new buildings, the innovations of the PcVue platform for energy performance

PcVue and LonWorks®, a proven solution to drive Smart Building innovation The LonWorks® fieldbus standard deployed in building automation, or LON® for "Local Operating Network", is always widely used ...
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The FUSE IT project for Smart and Critical Building, awarded with ITEA Prize of Excellence

The cooperative project FUSE IT was developed between 2014 and 2017 by ARC Informatique as well as 18 international companies (Belgian, French, Portuguese and Turkish) as part of the ITEA R & D pr...
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IP500 Alliance main meeting hosted by PcVue in Landshut, Germany

More than 20 IIoT enthusiasts from 10 different countries gathered in Landshut, Germany February 21st and 22nd for the quarterly main Meeting of the IP500 Alliance (, this time hoste...
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Vous recherchez des solutions de supervision innovantes et fédératrices pour vos projets Smart Building ou Smart City?

Vous l’avez évidement compris, rendre les bâtiments et les infrastructures plus efficients, tout en intégrant l’humain au cœur du système, nécessite des solutions adaptées aux nouveaux usages et aux n...
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PcVue for the winter 2016 issue of BACnet International Journal

PcVue features in the latest BACnet International Journal Issue: BACnet Drives Innovation with an article on proximity-based contextual mobility for SCADA. Proximity-based services enabled by micro-ge...
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