ARC Informatique and Canary Labs join forces, sign OEM agreement

Paris, November 25, 2013 - ARC Informatique, a vendor neutral and leader in HMI/SCADA software with its PcVue Solutions suite, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Canary Labs, a North American provider of high performance historian and trending solutions.

The two companies have signed a worldwide OEM agreement. The Canary Labs software will be available as part of its PcVue solutions offering or through its distribution channels.

PcVue integrates with Canary Labs’ Historian and leverages its availability to obtain data from many disparate data sources. This means the bundling premier historian software will create an unparalleled turnkey solution do provide powerful monitoring, control and access to real-time data history and trending.

"We were amazed at how closely PcVue products and our Canary Labs historian are aligned with both products demonstrating openness, flexibility and high performance," stated Gary Stern, Canary Labs President. "Our strategic partnership will truly benefit the customer in addressing their data monitoring and control, historian, trending and analysis needs."
Meanwhile Pierre de Bailliencourt, head of ARC Informatique, descried the partnership as an “added value” for customers.

These product synergies will enhance PcVue value proposition and bring additional opportunities for its channels.

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